About Me

Here are some things that I am not: lazy, a terrorist or Anti-American.  I am also not a resident of the tent town in Dewey Square.  Those people are the real heroes.

I have a home, a job and a family.  These are big reasons why some people are on the fence about getting involved in the Occupy Movement.  For me, they were the main reasons that I felt that I MUST do what I can to help.

I don’t have a lot of money to contribute but I am lucky in that my job is part time.  This means that I am free to volunteer during the week after my child gets on the bus and before I have to clock in.  I plan to go to the Occupy Boston Site to volunteer for a few hours during the week.  This blog is a platform to share stories from the movement.  None of us feel it is getting the coverage and the understanding that it deserves so I am putting in extra time at home to help the voice of this amazing collective to get out there.


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